Solid Gaming recreates the Pachinko excitement with Hawaiian Dream

Golden Hero – a brand exclusive to Solid Gaming – and JTG team up to release Hawaiian Dream, an online version of the popular Pachinko game from Japan.

The Japanese Pachinko is a vertical pinball-like slot machine from Japan dating back to the 1920s where the player has to control a cascade of steel balls down a maze of pins with a knob. Nevertheless, the modern video game leaves behind the steel balls and preserves the pleasure and fun delivered by the original Pachinko game in the good old days.

With the shrinking population of Pachinko parlours in Japan today, Golden Hero and JTG aim to bring back the thrilling experience of winning in the form of the Hawaiian Dream. The game has been designed to recreate the Pachinko gaming atmosphere to capture the hearts and minds of online players from Asia and all over the world.

Hawaiian Dream is the 4th game developed by Golden Hero following “Mystery Box”, “Jewel Race” and “Golden Wheel”, its most popular slot game to date.

Thomas Nimstad, Golden Hero CEO, says: “Hawaiian Dream is a game that fuses the gameplay of an online slot machine with land based Pachinko machines and their progressive mapping. We are certain the game will attract both old and new generations of players.

At present, Pachinko parlours still manage to attract around 9 million people and generate around $190 billion per year, according to Japan Productivity Center.

The partnership between Golden Hero and JTG, an independent brand of a Pachinko development company is sure to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience that will surely fascinate and retain players in the years to come.

JTG spokesperson commented: “We at JTG offer games based on the theme “Easy & Fun”, creating games that are simple to understand for everyone to enjoy and we strive to build a brand that can be trusted by all players. We hope everyone will relish the “Easy & Fun” experience offered by Hawaiian Dream.”

As the Golden Hero brand is strongly connected to Solid Gaming, Hawaiian Dream will be distributed via the Solid Gaming platform to their network of operators located in Asia and throughout the world.

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