MultiSlot – Barnyard Bucks

Out on the farm, sowing seeds and becoming one with the land is a tradition that has kept us fed and healthy for centuries. Far too many of us never get an opportunity to see what being a farmer is all about, and while Barnyard Bucks won’t actually do that, it’ll come close. It lets you pretend, which is the next best thing.

When you place those overalls on you’ll become a new man – something will stir deep inside you and you’ll realise you’ve lacked purpose until this very moment. Only kidding, instead you’ll probably ditch the overalls and get back into your normal clothes, they’re comfy and familiar.

The game itself is laid out on the commonly seen 5 reels and 25 winlines format, with the symbols steadily increasing in value until they reach the highlight of the game: the tasty meat of the 4,000 credit wild. You don’t have to actually eat the pig to get the money, so all you vegetarians and vegans will be perfectly at ease whilst playing this game. Probably more so in fact as none of the animals are ever harmed.